Stability, functionality and durability

Adapted to the respective environment of the customers

BALU Tore GmbH

BALU Tore GmbH, formerly Willering Zaun- und Toranlagen GmbH & Co. KG, was founded in 2007.

The company specializes in the supply of gate and fence systems. These are characterized by special stability, functionality and durability and are adapted to the respective environment of the customers.

With its products, BALU Tore GmbH pursues the goal of meeting the maximum safety criteria and providing its customers with the security and privacy they desire.



Established in 2007

Total output 2023
4.8 Mio. €

17 employees

1 site

with the ARE Group since 2020

Total output in Mio. €

Number of employees

“Through the integration into the ARE group and the competences gained with it, our company, Balu Tore GmbH, was successfully supported in the change of suppliers and the development of a new product series. With this support, we are equipped to resume our previous growth course and to continuously increase the total output as well as the performance.”

Christofer Schnöing

Managing Director

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